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Why use #1 Add URL?

It's Fast
There are hundreds of search engines waiting to drive new customers to your Web site. Registering with them manually could take you days. With #1 Add URL, you can list your Web site on over 1500 search engines fast!

It's Easy
From the convenience of your computer, you can submit your order and #1 Add URL does the rest. Your Web site is introduced to millions of Internet users virtually overnight while you concentrate on your business. No software to install, learn or troubleshoot!

It's Complete
Your Web site will be registered with the best-known search engines (including Yahoo!, Alta Vista, Excite, etc.) plus more than 1500 additional regional, national, and international search engines and directories. #1 Add URL is very complete!

It's Affordable
#1 Add URL registers your Web site for less than 3 cents per search engine while you work on more important things.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
#1 Add URL provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

For more information, visit our Q&A page for answers to commonly asked questions.

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