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"I originally thought I would skip using a submission company and submit my site myself, but I quickly learned that I would have to spend hours and hours in front of my computer. No Thanks! I finally used #1 Add URL and would recommend them to anyone."
Jim Olsen

"You did a great job submitting our Web site to Yahoo! We got a first page ranking for our most important keyword. We're getting 7-10 leads a day through Yahoo alone!"
Gary Greenleafer

"...thank you for submitting our site so fast!"
Sandy Williams

"...great service! Traffic to our Web site tripled within two weeks of #1 Add URL submitting our Web site."
David Johnson

"I checked our server logs and our hits are up 500%! Thanks again!"
Barry Lineville

"I'd like to thank everyone at #1 Add URL for doing such a good job on our submission. We've already received several email inquiries from our Web site! Thanks again."
Susan Clement

"I've tried other submission services in the past, but none have been as effective as #1 Add URL. Our submission was processed immediately and our site is re-submitted quarterly by #1 Add URL. I would recommend #1 Add URL to anyone!"
John Gepner

"Thanks for the search engine tips! I had some questions about #1 Add URL and the friendly staff answered all my questions and also gave me some great tips!"
Julie Crawford

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